CNS is a multifaceted publishing company oriented toward promoting and sustaining
individual artists. All CNS artists retain their copyrights along with complete artistic and creative control of their work. CNS publishes a wide range of art including paintings, photographs, novels, poetry, and even live performances. Take a look around the shop and find a piece of art. Almost all of our artwork can be printed on any product we offer, so if you don’t see what you are looking for contact us and ask!

Our stickers are made from high quality vinyl with a weather resistant front that provides a two to four year minimum life when placed outside. They are printed on PVC-free material to minimize environmental impact.

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Featured Artists

Sindy Strosahl

Sindy Strosahl is a passionate and versatile artist who creates across many mediums and styles. Her most recent works include watercolor paintings, mixed media paintings, block-printing, and an array
of digital works ranging from impressionist nudes to a surrealist mural honoring frequent P-funk collaborator Pedro Bell. She joined the Navy at the age of 19 and served with distinction throughout
her enlistment. Sindy studied at The Visual Arts Center in Portsmouth, VA and obtained her Associate’s Degree in Studio Arts. For as long as she has been making art Sindy has pursued her passions for connecting with her audience through novel artistic endeavors. Connecting with artists and fans has been a calling since the beginning of her life when she won her first blue ribbon at a second-grade art show. As a synesthete, there is so much to her life that can never be said, but through her art, she is able to share a glimpse into her unique world.